Warehouse Location Solutions

SlotLabel has supplied and installed labels and signs in a wide range of facilities. While we have solutions for all the challenges we have met to date occasionally customers come up with a new challenge for our team. Our commitment to warehouse location identification means that if you have a particularly difficult problem we will commit whatever resources are required to develop a solution which meets your requirement and at the same time adds to our portfolio of location identification solutions.

SlotLabel can help define your particular ID needs

We can be your partner in developing labeling solutions for your warehouse and yard operations, whether barcode or voice. If you are setting up a new warehouse management system (WMS) or wish to improve the effectiveness of your current operation call SlotLabel to talk through your options for optimal efficiency – to help save you both time and money.

Scan labels first time – every time

As part of the process we will help define your needs and be pleased to supply samples for evaluation. Testing "on site" is particularly important in long range scanning to ensure the right fit between the scanner, the label stock and mil size so as to select the best label to scan "first time, every time".

Use the right label for each unique location

ID Solutions may include labels with permanent, removable or freezer adhesive; magnetic labels, use of colors to improve scan integrity; retro-reflective label stock for long range scanning or UV resistant materials for outdoor applications.

Labels need to be tough to last in a harsh environment

All SlotLabel's location ID labels use synthetic label stock and resin thermal transfer ribbon which together are scuff and tear resistant. Over-laminated labels are recommended for applications where the labels are routinely exposed to harsh sanitation materials or solvents.


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