Rack and Shelf Stickers for Location ID Labeling

Rack Bar Code Label

Rack barcode labels or stickers should be scuff and tear resistant with an adhesive which is compatible with the paint finish on the racks.  SlotLabel can supply you with samples of labels with permanent, freezer and removable adhesives for testing on the selected racks or shelving, at operating temperatures.

Rack Label with permanent, freezer or removable adhesiveDepending on the type of scanner, poly stickers can be scanned to around 12 feet, beyond which, labels being direct scanned from the floor have to be made from retro-reflective stock.  Alternatively auxiliary labels on a rack upright placard which are color keyed to the beam labels can be positioned at floor level which can then be read with all types of scanner.

SlotLabel carries labels in a wide range of sizes and adhesives, in up to 9 tints. 

Labels with freezer adhesive can be applied at working temperatures as low as –25º F.


Shelf Location ID Labels or Stickers

Most common types of industrial shelving have a depth of 1 ¼” with a flat face of around 1”. Labels do not stick down well when they end on a curve. SlotLabel's most popular barcode stickers or shelf labels are 4” X 15/16” and 6” X 15/16” which are easy to apply to the flat surface of the shelf face.


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