Long Distance Data Matrix Placards

The latest long range barcode imagers offer opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance relative to traditional placards.

Being essentially a photographic process white poly performs as well as retro-reflective indoors and better outdoors, for both 1D and 2D barcode symbologies, and at considerably lower cost.

Indoor DataMatrix placard

Datamatrix long range placard with poly labelFor indoor placards savings can be made by replacing the retro-reflective sticker with a lower cost poly one. Also when using DataMatrix or other 2D symbology such as PDF 417, the barcode is significantly smaller than linear ones and the placard size can be reduced without impacting scanability


DataMatrix placard designed for outdoor storage yard

Outdoor long distance DataMatrix placard

The added benefit outdoors is that since poly does not cause glare, as retro-reflective does, there is not the complexity and cost of having to design the placard to keep the barcode in shade. If snow or freezing rain is an issue a simple lip can be provided to protect the barcode in all but the most extreme conditions.

The placards can be provided with pre-drilled holes for installation on walls, chain link fence or posts.


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