Direct Scanning of Upper Rack Levels

Retro-reflective barcode labels

On beams up to the 20 feet level 3” high, long range retro-reflective labels can carry the barcode and human readable copy.

For long distance barcode label scanning above 20 feet the sticker, as seen by the operator, is foreshortened until it appears to be only 1” high at 25 feet.

Retro-reflective labels with bar code Between 20 and 25 feet the bar code height is often increased to the full height of the retro-reflective label and an auxiliary poly label applied beside it with the human readable copy. Retro-reflective beam labels can be adhesive or magnetic.


Angled label carrier for long distance scanning

Barcode label on angled label carrier for high beamsAbove 26 feet an angled label carrier can be used to improve scannability. The barcode label is attached to a flexible carrier which presents the label perpendicular to the line of scan. While the carrier is typically protected by being positioned inside the pallet overhang it is tough and can take repeated hits.


Direct scanning of upper level Data Matrix barcode labels

Data matrix Barcode labelWith the new extended range imagers relatively small poly labels can be scanned at the upper levels, at significantly lower cost than conventional long range retro-reflective labels.


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